Custom Memorial Gift Ideas

Embroidered hoodie personalized gifts with image outline. Black colored hoodies with white thread.

Getting someone a gift is always special. Getting someone a personalized memorial gift is one for the books! Soulmate Customs in Beverly Hills, California, brings you excellent custom gift ideas to give the ones close to you a memory that will last. Contact us today with any ideas for a great personalized memorial gift!



Embroidery Canvas

What’s more classic and versatile for home decor than a custom Soulmate Embroidery Canvas? Available in black and white cloths, this gift allows you to use a wide variety of embroidery threads to create an artistic image for those close to you.






Custom Hoodies

When it comes to wedding gift ideas and engagement gift ideas, your newlywed spouse or loved one may prefer items that are the perfect mix of beautiful and useful. In cases like this, Soulmate Customs recommends retaining unique personalization and pairing it with quirky romanticism. Our Soul Lamp, for example, allows you to showcase the newlywed couple’s best moments in a circular, square, or picture frame LED lamp; this ensures their love and appreciation for each other physically lights up their lives whenever it gets dark! With an LED remote and charging cable, this is a wedding gift idea or wedding anniversary gift that never goes out of style.





Custom Lamps and Pillow Cases

You can’t decorate your home with anything better than a one-of-a-kind item made just for you. Our Soul Lamps display your heartfelt design atop extraordinary light-up stands and changing LED colors at your command. 

Speaking of displays, furniture sets are about to get a sincere upgrade with our custom Pillow Cases made with custom hand threads to display any picture you want for yourself or a loved one.






The Tried and True Gift Card

Not sure what would be the best gift for a loved one? No worries. Our gift cards offer the opportunity for them to design and purchase their own custom memorial gift! From $10 to $150, you can’t go wrong with this thoughtful gift.




Soulmate Customs is about sharing what people mean to you by having our products gifted and kept for years to come. So check out our customizable gifts today to make the next celebration extra special.