How Soulmate Customs Got Started

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Do you ever struggle to find the perfect gift for your loved ones? Do you spend hours or days stressing over holidays and birthdays? If so, you have more in common with the founder of Soulmate Customs, Keida. 19-year old Keida was searching for a gift for her mother and felt gifts should be meaningful, and personal, and make the receiver feel special and appreciated. Gift-giving is its own special skill. It takes time and heart to find the perfect gift for someone who is special to you. That’s why Keida founded Soulmate Customs. She believes everyone deserves the joy that comes with receiving a customized gift and every person deserves to feel like they got that special someone something they will truly appreciate. If you’ve been looking for personalized gifts for him or her, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, we will discuss how Soulmate Customs got started. Read on to learn more and view our selection today!



A Passion for Soulmates of All Kinds

We have all kinds of soulmates in our lives. From lovers to friends and family, there are so many people we come into contact with that leave an imprint on our hearts. At Soulmate Customs, we have a passion for soulmates of all kinds. Everyone in your life deserves to feel loved and appreciated on a special occasion. You have so many precious memories with these people. Why not create customized gifts with these memories? 

This idea was exactly what inspired our founder, Keida, to start Soulmate Customs. The design was simple, a picture of a precious memory embroidered on a custom sweatshirt, but it was enough to bring her mother to tears. Keida knew that beautiful feeling was one she wanted to give to as many people as possible. No matter how you’re related to the soulmate in question, they deserve a customized gift that will move them and you deserve the feeling of providing that. Soulmate Customs provides that to people all over the country by embroidering your precious memories on everything you can imagine. From hoodies, to T-shirts, to jewelry, you will find the perfect custom gift ideas for your loved one here.


Going Viral

Upon realizing how important it is to provide custom gifts to a loved one, Keida started a business. Soulmate Customs embroiders pictures onto custom gifts for people all over the country. At only 19, the business went viral on Tik Tok and grew quickly with dozens of orders coming in the very first week. Keida now works with a tight-knit team of creators as well as her mother to complete the many custom gift orders they receive every week. The team works hard to create the perfect gifts for everyone who patronizes Soulmate Customs. When you are looking for a personalized gift for him or her, there’s nowhere better to turn to. Our custom gifts started with a heartfelt gift and we continue to provide these every single day.


Customized Gifts

From first dates to moments with those who have left this world, preserving your precious memories is what we do. Soulmate Customs creates the customized gifts you need to make your loved ones feel special and appreciated on any occasion. When you are looking for personalized gifts for him or her, you can find something truly special when you shop our collection. We offer everything from custom hoodies to custom jewelry. Some of our top sellers are our t-shirts and sweatshirts but there is so much more we offer. No matter what your loved one is hoping for, you will find something perfect for them with us. We believe that every gift should come from the heart and make the recipient feel as loved and cherished as they are. We have the best gift ideas for anyone special in your life. No matter who or what you are looking for, Soulmate Customs can provide it.


From Me To You To Your Soulmate

This is the soul of Soulmate Customs. We started as a simple heartfelt gift from mother to daughter and have expanded to a nationally-recognized business with love in its heart and character at its core. We create the perfect customized gifts for you so you can pass them on to the people you love and make them feel as important as they are to you. We are committed to short turnaround times so you can pass on our love as quickly as possible. If you’ve been searching for the best gift ideas, you’ll find something your soulmate will love in our inventory. We have something for everyone and give you the opportunity to give a truly special and appreciated gift. Give the gift of a truly special memory. No matter the occasion, you’ll find the perfect gift with us.

Soulmate Customs has a unique story. We are a company that began out of love and a desire to make people feel special. We will continue to provide that to people all over the country. Our customized gifts make for a perfect present on any occasion. From birthdays to holidays, to anniversaries to “just because” there is always a reason to go out of your way to make someone feel special. Bringing their precious memories to life is the perfect way to do that. If you are looking for a personalized gift for him or her, view our collection today!