How To Protect, Maintain, and Wash Your Custom Embroidered Clothing

Embroidered hoodie personalized gifts with pet image outline. White and grey colored hoodies with black thread. The perfect anniversary gift for your significant other.

The worst feeling comes from getting a sentimental item that means everything to you and having it dirtied or ruined. The anxiety alone is unwanted and stressful. However, Soulmate Customs in Beverly Hills, California, is a quality shirt embroidery store that knows the tips and tricks to adequately protect and clean your personalized handmade gifts. Check out our latest updates online today!


Protection That Counts

Store your clothing in a clean and dry environment away from any potential UV damage and bacterial growth when not used. A well-tempered living climate is also essential to protect your clothes when stored away. Having the right storage environment for when to rest will keep your clothes well protected.


Maintaining Great Condition

Maintaining your treasured clothes in excellent condition is where drying and ironing knowledge takes hold. There are essential skills for good clothes handling that transfer over to your most prized possessions. 


These include:

  • Washing your clothes before storage
  • Take care of stains as soon as they happen
  • Air your dry clothes as often as you can
  • Fold them over, hanging if possible


Washing Well

The fabric of your clothes will play a significant role in washing them. Finding optimal times to wash multiple clothes (that don’t clash in color mixing) will help you dry and handle them all together and save you water in the long run. Modern washing machines often have “delicate” and “gentle” settings. If they don’t have those options, washing with cold water is ideal with a lower spin cycle to avoid potential damage.


Making Your Soulmate Customs Last

We only use the highest quality material in our products so that you and anyone close have meaningful gifts to last. If you follow these steps, then your custom embroidered shirts and handmade gifts will be in excellent condition for a long time.

Soulmate Customs is about sharing what people mean to you by having our products gifted and kept with an excellent lifespan. So check out our customizable gifts today to make the next celebration extra special.